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Everton Investment - The Awakening of a Giant

Now that the Toffees has the stong financial backing that a club the size of Everton deserves, the future certainly looks promising for the Blues. While Everton have pleasantly plodded along for quite some time now, there's always been that lingering concern that certain star players would want more than what the People's Club are able to offer.

Everton investment could bring back silverware to Goodison Park

Whether we like it or not, a billionaire investor is essential to succeed in today's footballing world. That is why the arrival of Farhad Moshiri has been treated like the second coming of Christ for most Evertonians. He may prove to be the savour of this mighty club after all, someone who can say no to the wandering herds looking to take away their prized possessions.
His arrival may have been too late to secure the services of Romelu Lakaku for the long-term, as his fast development has already seen the likes of Real Madrid garner interest. The Blue's striker, or at least his agent has made clear his views that he wants Champions League football as soon as possible, something the Blues are unable offer, at least for the moment anyway.

Billionaire Investment is Essential to Success!

Over the last couple of decades or so, many English clubs have managed to attract vital investment that has helped them go on to win various trophies, one of the earliest in the days of the Premier League were Blackburn Rovers. While they may currently be in the wrong end of the Championship, they are still one of the few teams that have a Premier League trophy to their name. Investment can help Everton keep hold of club diamond Ross Barkley
Thanks to the investment brought forward by their former owner and lifelong supporter Jack Walker, he was one of the few owners that actually invested in the playing staff.
After securing Blackburn's place in the top division for the first time in 26 years, he forked out what was then an English record fee of £3.5 million for the services of Alan Shearer. The 22-year-old England centre forward proved to be a pretty sound investment, hitting an impressive 30+ league goals in 3 of the 4 seasons he spent with the club, before moving to Newcastle in 1996 for a world record £15 million.
Since then, other clubs have attracted investment too, probably the most significant of which being Chelsea. Until Roman Abramovich came along in 2003, Chelsea had just 1 England League Title to their name, 3 FA Cups, 2 League Cups and 2 UEFA Cup Winners' Cups. Since his mass injection of cash, they've been crowned Champions of England 4 times, won 4 FA Cups, 3 League Cups, a Europa League and a European Cup.
Nobody is under the illusion that money didn't buy them glory. The simple fact is, money provides the best opportunity to win trophies. Just ask Man City fans, who themselves were languishing in the third tier of English football only 16 seasons ago.
How times have changed, they are now valued as one of the top 5 richest clubs in the world. Since Sheikh Mansour took control of the club in 2008, they've gone on to win 2 English League Titles, an FA Cup and 2 League Cups.
One club that could prove to turn the whole theory on its head is Leicester City. They may be backed by the billionaire Srivaddhanaprabha family from Thailand, but their investment in the transfer market has been relatively modest in comparison to other billionaire owners.
The fact of the matter is, while money may not automatically guarantee success, it certainly buys you a ticket in the raffle. Without major investment, you might as well be one of those people that watch the national lottery without a ticket.
At least that's how Evertonians have felt over the last couple of decades. There's nothing more disheartening for fans of a club as big as Everton, to develop potentially world class footballers, only to see them swiped away from under their feet, just as they begin to show glimpses of that potential. Take Wayne Rooney for example, would he have left the Blues if the circumstances had been different, a club he'd supported from birth, I think not!
Nevertheless, the Liverpool City Region is awash with footballing talent, Everton will always have a conveyor belt of talent just itching to make their mark on the hallowed Goodison turf. Now that the Blues have a Billionaire backer, they may be able to hold on to their future star players, like local diamond and potential future captain Ross Barkley.

The Premier League's Richest Club Stake Holders

Source of
1 The UK flag for Liverpool Man City Sheikh Mansour (87%) £20 Billion Oil and Industry Investment
2 The UK flag for Liverpool Arsenal E. Stanley Kroenke (66%) £5.4 Billion Kroenke Sports Ent.
- The UK flag for Liverpool Arsenal Alisher Usmanov (30%) £8.83 Billion Metal and Mining Investment
3 The UK flag for Liverpool Chelsea Roman Abramovich £5.42 Billion Oil and Industry Investment
4 The UK flag for Liverpool Tottenham Hotspur Joe Lewis (60%) £4.9 Billion Tavistock Group
5 The UK flag for Liverpool Newcastle Mike Ashley £4.17 Billion Sports Direct
6 The UK flag for Liverpool Man Utd The Glazer Family £3 Billion First Allied Corp.
7 The UK flag for Liverpool Sunderland Ellis Short £2.36 Billion Lone Star Funds
8 The UK flag for Liverpool Southampton Katharina Liebherr £2.09 Billion Inherited
9 The UK flag for Liverpool Leicester City The Srivad. Family £2.02 Billion King Power Int. Group
10 The Liverpool FC flag for Liverpool Liverpool John W. Henry £1.53 Billion Fenway Sports Group
11 The Everton FC flag for Liverpool Everton Farhad Moshiri (49.9%) £1.34 Billion Steel and Energy Investment
12 The UK flag for Liverpool Stoke City The Coates Family £1 Billion Bet365
13 The UK flag for Liverpool Aston Villa Randy Lerner £740 Million MBNA Corporation
14 The UK flag for Liverpool West Ham Utd David Sullivan (51.1%) £400 Million Tabloid Owner
15 The UK flag for Liverpool Crystal Palace Jeremy Hosking £330 Million Private Equity Investment
16 The UK flag for Liverpool Watford Gino Pozzo £120 Million Family Investment
17 The UK flag for Liverpool Bournemouth Maxim Demin £100 Million Petrochemicals Industry
18 The UK flag for Liverpool West Brom Jeremy Peace (87.8%) £50 Million Investment Banking
19 The UK flag for Liverpool Swansea City The Morgan's (22.5%) £32 Million Property Investment
20 The UK flag for Liverpool Norwich City Delia Smith (30%) £23 Million Investment Banking

While there may be quite a few billionaires that own large stakes in the Premier League today, there are few with a willingness to invest in their club in the same way that Roman Abramovich and Sheikh Mansour have done in the past. Thankfully for Everton Football Club, Mr Moshiri seems to be one of those people who is willing to invest in the team and drive the club forward.

Everton Football Club at the Top!

If You Know Your History!

Everton FC's 1891 English Champions Everton Football Club have managed to maintain a position among the English elite longer than any other club. Since the early days of professional football in 1888, the Toffees have spent all but four seasons in the top flight. The only club that comes close to Everton's impressive 113 seasons at the top is Aston Villa, with a total of 105 seasons. With that gap expected to rise over the next season or so, due to Villa's inevitable demotion to the second tier, Everton's presence at the highest echelons of English football will only become more apparent.
While we may be saddened to witness the demise of Aston Villa, one of the games most historic clubs, it may provide the rest of the country with a sharp reminder of exactly how dominant this city has been in the English game. As the team that has currently had the third most seasons in the top flight is Liverpool Football Club, with 101 seasons.
Depending on how long Villa remain in the second tier, we could end up with both teams from this city being the longest participants in the top division, this would add that little bit more spice to the already fiery Merseyside derby, as it may become not only the 'Most-played Fixture in English Top-flight Football', but also the 'Most-played Fixture in English League Football' - An honour that is currently bestowed upon the Everton and Aston Villa fixture.

A New Goodison Park or a Completely New Stadium

Everton's seemingly never ending search for a new stadium to match the club's ambition may soon be coming to an end. One of the first things that Mr Moshiri relayed to the fans was his willingness to solve this problem. It is without a doubt one of the most critical issues involving the club and has proved to be an obstacle that previous owners had not been able to tackle. One thing we know about Everton's Knight in Blue Shiny Armor, is that he isn't soft.
He is an extremely clever investor, Alisher Usmanov can vouch for that! The Russian billionaire owes much of his £8.83 Billion fortune to the new Evertonian. Farhad Moshiri knows all too well that Everton Football Club could be one of the main players in football, but to set the ball in motion, either a redevelopment of Goodison or a new stadium is key.

The conclusion.

It has to be said, "Well done Bill Kenwright". He did his homework before selling the club. Make no bones about it, most owners would have happily sold their club to the highest bidder, without a care in the world what the consequences for the fans would be. No, not Blue Bill, he did what he said he'd do! Personally, I knew he would do just that, he is a true blue after all.
Farhad Moshiri is the perfect fit for the Toffees. Yes he's a billionaire, tick that box, but he's also a man who knows his stuff. He wouldn't take on such a big investment unless he could see the true potential. A club with such a rich history as Everton, complete with a spine of quality players and a fervently loyal fanbase, based in the heart of a city as great as Liverpool. He must have been rubbing his hands with glee at the prospect!
Talk about the foundations already being in place, Everton's youth system and coaching facilities are already world class, befitting of any major football club.
One thing that has been the bugbear for most Evertonians down the years though, is the club's lack of ability to sell itself. Walk into any major sports store on a typical High Street and you'll more likely find Newcastle Utd merchandise before you come across anything relating to the Blues. It's the same with all of the home delivery catalogues too, it's an absolute disgrace!
It's been stated that around £150 Million could be made available for the manager in the summer, whomever that may be. Let's hope that's all that is available and not an additional £60 Million from the sale of Romelu Lukaku. It would be a shame for the club to lose the kind of player they're trying to bring in.
Regardless, Everton Football Club are at least on the right track now. I for one wholeheartedly believe that Everton are on the verge of greatness and could be the name on everyone's lips a few years from now.
The dream of lifting trophies that has eluded the club for far too long may soon be coming to fruition.