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Main Associations in Halton - Liverpool City Region

Over the years Halton has had many associations with various institutes, organizations and government agencies. Although both Runcorn and Widnes has been a joint borough since the 12th century, Halton Borough Council wasn't formally established until 1974. By this time both Widnes and Runcorn had key associations with major chemical companies and housing corporations.
Ineos Chlor site in Runcorn - Liverpool City Region Its association with ICI and Ineos Chlor has had contrasting affects on the borough.
The site stretches across most of Runcorn's western coast on the south-eastern banks of the Mersey estuary. It's a well known local fact that the western Runcorn site consumes more electricity than all of Liverpool. The unpopular decision to build a large incinerator by the current incumbent of the site Ineos Chlor has caused great resentment across the borough.
When Halton left Cheshire and became a unitary authority in 1998, it agreed to retain both the police and fire services for the foreseeable future. Over recent years successful links have been forged between both the Merseyside Police & Fire authorities and the Cheshire Police & Fire departments based in Halton.
During the mid to late 20th Century Halton's population grew at a rapid rate after new associations were made creating vast changes to the borough. Following the construction of the Runcorn-Widnes Bridge and the decision to ease overcrowding in Liverpool through new housing projects in Runcorn. The Runcorn Development Corporation put together a master plan that when it was finished completely transformed the region both physically and culturally. Droves of new tenants moved into the new estates as the area quickly became urbanized. As a result of this, Halton's association with many of it's Liverpool landlords started during this time of change. Halton Haven Hospice - Liverpool City Region
One of the main charities in the borough is the Halton Haven Hospice. Local dad and visionary Dom Valdez from Palacefields started the hospice in 1981. He devoted his life to creating a safe haven for cancer patients, where they could retain their humility and receive the loving care needed when dealing with such a cruel illness. Sadly Dom Valdez passed away in 1999 having seen his dreams come to fruition eighteen years earlier.
Some of the other associations with Halton include; The Halton Chamber of Commerce & Enterprise, The Mersey Forest, The Mersey Gateway, The Environment Agency, Riverside College, The Halton Children's Trust, Plus Dane Group, CDS Housing and Liverpool City Region LEP.

Halton Borough Council - Liverpool City Region

Halton Borough Council

Halton Borough Council are continually looking for new ways to improve the borough. Through a range of forward thinking developments and local partnerships they are aiming to turn Halton into a major economy for the Liverpool city region.

Chronology Year
Halton Borough Council creation 1974
Labour Party Controlled Council Since 1974
Became an Independent Unitary Authority after leaving Cheshire 1998
Joined with five local authorities to form the Liverpool City Region 2009

Sci Tech Daresbury - Liverpool City Region

Sci Tech Daresbury

Sci Tech Daresbury is a scientific research laboratory that has provided ground-breaking discoveries since it was opened in 1962. The Laboratory park hosts businesses and institutions ranging from IBM to the University of Liverpool.

Chronology Year
Laboratory Opened 1962
Awarded the Most Outstanding Science Park 2009

Halton Haven - Liverpool City Region

Halton Haven Hospice

The Halton Haven Hospice is a registered charity that serves adults with life-limiting illnesses through symptom management and end of life care. The hospice provides a vital service not just for Halton, but for the region as a whole.

Chronology Year
Halton Haven Hospice founded by Dom Valdez 1981
Dom Valdez is buried at the hospice, securing the site for 100 years 1999
The haven is commended for 30 years service to North West patients 2011

The Heath Business and Technical Park

The Heath Business & Technical Park

The Heath Business and Technical Park is a 50 acre site which houses around 150 various businesses. The former headquarters of the chemical giant ICI was redeveloped by SOG Ltd and Liverpool businessman John Lewis.

Chronology Year
The Heath headquarters sold by ICI 2000
Redeveloped by SOG Ltd and Liverpool businessman John Lewis 2000

Halton Housing Trust

Halton Housing Trust

The Halton Housing Trust currently manages around 6,400 homes in Widnes and the Western side of Runcorn. From the trusts perspective the population expansion of Halton is still in full throttle, with 173 new homes planned for 2015.

Chronology Year
Formed following the transfer of homes from Halton Borough Council 2005

Liverpool Housing Trust in Runcorn New Town

Liverpool Housing Trust

The Liverpool Housing Trust founded in Liverpool during the mid-sixties. In 1988 they took control of 2,800 homes in Runcorn New Town. They are currently building new homes in Castlefields and improving property in Windmill Hill and Murdishaw.

Chronology Year
Liverpool Housing Trust was founded in Liverpool 1965
Liverpool Housing Trust takes control of 2,800 homes in Runcorn New Town 1988
Started a major regeneration initiative on the Castlefields estate 2001

Riverside Housing - Liverpool City Region

Riverside Housing

The Riverside housing association was established in Liverpool. After Runcorn was designated a new town for development Riverside took control of homes in Halton Brook, Southgate, Palacefields and Murdishaw.

Chronology Year
Riverside housing association was founded in Liverpool 1928
Riverside housing association with Runcorn New Town starts 1964