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Main Associations in Sefton - Liverpool City Region

Sefton borough has had some interesting links down the years, from the favourite UK Jam and Jelly brand Hartley's, to its association with the first ever the lifeboat service. Given that it stretches along a 22 mile coast, from the mouths of both the River Mersey in the south the River Ribble in the north. It's not suprising that the coastal borough's maritime history is quite a significant one. Early trailblazers in Sefton include the voluntary Lifeboat service at Formby Point, were the formation of the world's first lifeboat Station was established in 1776, some 48 years before the formation of the Royal Navy Lifeboat Institution.
The brave volunteer force at Southport's Lifeboat Station in Sefton Whilst all that remains of the old station is the foundations of the groundbreaking instutute, the service has all but remained in the seaside borough ever since, albeit several miles up the coast at the seaside town of Southport. Where a voluntary service is still active today, from the Southport Offshore Rescue Trust. The crucial lifeboat service has helped to save countless lives throughout the years, it's solely reliant on fundraising and donations as it is a trust that's independant of the RNLI.
One entrepreneur that made his mark on the borough was the founder of the famous Jam, Marmalade and Jelly manufacturer Sir William Pickles Hartley. He opened a factory in Bootle in 1874 before moving to Aintree twelve years later. In 1886, the Lancashire philanthropist constructed a purpose built village for his employees of the Aintree factory. Aptly named Hartley's Village, it was designed by Leek based architects Sugden and Sons. The village began with 49 homes surrounding a central bowling green, which was later extended to a total of 71 homes. All of the streets in the village were named after ingredients in jam, including Sugar Street, Red Currant Court and Cherry Row. The urban village is located just off Long Lane in Liverpool, it was designated a conservation area in 2011. Sir William Pickles Hartley moved to Southport in 1880 where he became an influential benefactor and entrepreneur for the seaside town. His family were very involved in the goings on in Southport, with most notably his daughter Christiana, becoming the first woman Mayor for Southport in 1921.
Another favoured UK fruit-based manufacturer that made its name in Sefton is confectionary giants 'Chewits'. They started off in Southport in 1965 and remained in the town up until 2006. They almost immediately gained international popularity with their original collection of flavours, consisting of Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Orange and Banana. Jack Nicklaus at the 1969 Ryder Cup on Royal Birkdale Golf Course in Sefton They continued to try out new flavours over the years, introducing more exotic flavours such as Blue Mint, Rhubarb & Custard, Ice Cream, Cola, Apple and Tutti Frutti. In 2006, the well-known brand moved its manufacturing to Slovakia, ending its connection with its native home.
Perhaps Sefton's most famous associations have come from sport in the borough. With Southport regarded as being at the centre of England's Golf Coast and Aintree being host to the annual Grand National event.
Southport's Royal Birkdale has taken to the international stage numerous times having hosted the Open Championships nine times and the Ryder Cup twice. The Open Championship was first held at Royal Birkdale in 1954 and is scheduled to return in 2017.
For Aintree, the Grand National has been an ever-present event for radio listeners since 1927, as well as continued free TV coverage on terrestrial television since 1960. With an estimated 5 to 6 hundred million people watching the Grand National in over 140 countries, few events can quite match its popularity.
As the borough regenerates itself for the future, its past is not forgotten. As the administrative town's motto reads: 'From the Ground, Light'. It will carry on rebuilding and reshaping itself for a future that is certainly looking bright.
Some of the other main associations with Sefton include; Port of Liverpool, South Sefton College, Hugh Baird College, Port Academy Liverpool, Maghull Squadron Air Training Corps, Southport Pier Trust, Liverpool Motor Club, Champion Newspaper, Southport Visiter Newspaper, Delta Taxis, The Mersey Forest and the Liverpool City Region LEP.

Sefton Council - Liverpool City Region

Sefton Council

Formed in 1974, Sefton Council was a Conservative controlled council during its early years, until a period between 1980 and 2012 the council was under no overall control as no party had a majority. In 2012, Labour won it and have held it since.

Chronology Year
The Metropolitan Borough of Sefton was formed 1974
Partnered with four local authorities to form Merseyside 1974
Joined five other local authorities to form the Liverpool City Region 2009

Southport Offshore Rescue Trust - Liverpool City Region

Southport Offshore Rescue Trust

The Southport Offshore Rescue Trust is an independent charity run by volunteers. Completely independent of the RNLI, it provides a vital 24-hour lifesaving lifeboat service, carrying out rescues in difficult and often dangerous conditions.

Chronology Year
The first Southport Lifeboat Society was formed financed by the public 1786
A new lifeboat station was established at Southport 1840
The Southport branch of the RNLI was formed 1860
A new boathouse was built by Southport Corporation 1888
The last boat was used on active service as the RNLI station was closed 1925
The lifeboat service in Southport resumes after 64 years 1988

Southport Pleasureland - Liverpool City Region

Southport Pleasureland

Southport Pleasureland owns a special place in the hearts of families in the city region. The 32 acre park is home to almost 100 rides, shows, cafes, free magic shows, play areas, bars, performances, a premier F1 go-kart track, amusements and much, much more!

Chronology Year
The Southport Pleasureland park opened 1912
The Sultan's Towers Helter Skelter opened 1912
The park's original Ghost Train ride opened 1931
The Wooden rollercoaster called the Cyclone opened 1937
The first of many Waltzer rides opened in the park 1954
The Big Apple roller coaster opens 1982
The park closes following the introduction of an upopular entrance fee 2006
The park re-opens as Dreamstorm International offered to invest £100 million 2007
The park is rebranded as new rides and a token system are introduced 2014

The Sefton Chamber of Commerce - Liverpool City Region

Sefton Chamber of Commerce

The Sefton chamber has a new board and a new member's council, both made up of Sefton businesses. Sefton area able to take advantage of a wide range of member benefits and plug-in to trading opportunities across the entire city region.

Chronology Year
Along with Sefton Council helps to form the Southport Pier Trust 1994
The Sefton Chamber of Commerce goes into liquidation 2013
Rescued by the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce Community Interest Company 2014